MatPlotCheck Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Added .buffer(0) to the multipolygons in pytest to account for GeoPandas update (@nkorinek, #401)


  • Fixed issues with CI (@lwasser, #397)
  • Batch updated dependencies (@nkorinek, #398)


  • Changed how assert_lines checks the limits of lines (@nkorinek, #243)
  • Changed changelog to an rst file. (@nkorinek, #266)
  • Add a vignette for testing vector data plots. (@nkorinek, #208)
  • Add pillow as a dev requirement (@lwasser, #253)
  • Removed the m2r package from MatPlotCheck (@nkorinek, #247)
  • Made assert_string_contains() accept a string instead of a list (@nkorinek, #53)
  • Added functions to get and assert the midpoint values of bins in a histogram (@nkorinek, #184)
  • Created tests for the autograde module (@nkorinek, #105)
  • Created tests for the vector module (@nkorinek, #209)
  • Created functions to test point geometries in VectorTester (@nkorinek, #176)
  • made assert_string_contains() accept correct strings with spaces in them (@nkorinek, #182)
  • added contributors file and updated README to remove that information (@nkorinek, #121)
  • Changed tolerance functionality from relative tolerance to absolute tolerance. (@ryla5068, #234)
  • Made checking line coverage optional for base.assert_line() (@ryla5068, #239)
  • Fixed bugs involving line tests (@ryla5068, #239)
  • Improved handling of datasets with different shapes in base.assert_xy() (@ryla5068, #233)
  • Bug fix for handling object datatypes in base.assert_xy() (@ryla5068, #232)


  • Adding flake8 for format and other syntax issues! yay! (@lwasser, #195)
  • Created a vignette covering the testing of histograms (@ryla5068, #149)
  • Created get_plot_image() function for the RasterTester object (@nkorinek, #192)
  • Allowed assert_polygons() to accept GeoDataFrames and added tests (@nkorinek, #175)
  • raster test inherits from vector to allow for multi layer plot testing (@lwasser, #75)


  • Added test for bin heights of histograms (@ryla5068, #124)
  • Added support for overlapping histograms in histogram tests (@ryla5068, #123)


  • Created a vignette covering base plot tester functionality (@ryla5068, #122)
  • fix pip version to ensure pyproj installs in black tox envt (@lwasser, #144)
  • Changed get_caption() to return a string (@ryla5068, #125)
  • Updated assert_xlabel_ydata() to support pulling text from x-labels (@ryla5068, #125)
  • Fixed assert_xydata() incorrectly failing on some floating point numbers (@ryla5068, #124)
  • Updated all string content assertions in base to use the same syntax (@ryla5068, #132)
  • Moved tests for titles to (@ryla5068, #115)
  • Created for data tests (@ryla5068, #114)
  • Added custom error messages to all assert functions in base module (@ryla5068, #106)
  • Added all missing docstrings to base module and updated existing ones (@ryla5068, #102)
  • Added significant test coverage to base module (@ryla5068, #101)
  • Replaced references to EarthPy in CONTRIBUTING.rst (@ryla5068, #100)
  • Add tests for raster module (@kysolvik, #32)
  • Added tests for base module – legend check methods (@kysolvik, #38)
  • Added tests for base modules – axis check methods (@kysolvik, #37)
  • Add to centralize pytest fixtures (@kysolvik, #35)
  • Fix issue with pip 19.1 breaking appveyor build (@kysolvik, #46)
  • Fix Python version mismatch in pre-commit hook vs dev environment (@kysolvik, #31)
  • Adding cross platform builds to CI